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Inspiring the next generation: Acronis Bulgaria hosts an industry visit for students of the Professional High School for Telecommunications

On April 10th, Acronis Bulgaria opened its doors to over 50 students and teachers from the Professional High School for Telecommunications. This event served as an opportunity for these young minds to gain insights into the world of IT and cybersecurity from seasoned professionals.

Throughout the day, six dynamic leaders from various departments within Acronis captivated the audience with their personal career journeys. What made these stories particularly inspiring was the diversity of backgrounds represented, with some individuals transitioning from humanitarian fields to thriving in the IT industry. From their humble beginnings to their current roles at Acronis, each speaker shared invaluable lessons and success stories.

The discussions ranged from practical advice on entering the IT sector to insights into the essential skills needed to excel in the industry. Topics covered included compliance, professional services in cybersecurity companies, product design, cloud testing, technical documentation preparation, and the intricacies of the cybersecurity business.

Beyond the enriching talks, the students were treated to a comprehensive tour of the Acronis office, providing them with a firsthand experience of the company’s corporate culture and giving a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of Acronis.

As Acronis, we believe in nurturing and supporting the next generation of tech leaders. We are committed to providing opportunities for young talents to explore their interests and potential career paths. The industry visit served as a bridge between academia and the professional world, equipping students with valuable insights to make informed decisions about their future careers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the employee speakers who generously shared their time, knowledge, and experiences with the students. Their dedication to mentorship and education is truly commendable, and we are confident that their efforts will inspire and empower the future generation of tech innovators.

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