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Empowering Romania’s youth: educating for a safer digital future

In a world where the internet plays an increasingly integral role in our daily lives, ensuring that young people understand how to navigate it safely is essential. At our office in Romania, our team is dedicated to this mission, actively engaging with schools across various regions to educate students about safe internet practices and responsible digital device usage.

One of the shining stars of our efforts is Silvia Filip, our Europe End Customer Acquisition Manager. Silvia recently completed her visit to a local school, Planeta Copiilor, where she conducted three classes for a total of 85 students. This is already her second visit to a school: last autumn, she, along with two other volunteer colleagues from Acronis, taught 14 classes on cyber safety at Alexandru Odobescu school.

But Silvia is not alone in her dedication. Bianca Philocratous, an Account Manager with our team, took the initiative to educate students in grades 3 through 8 at School B P HASDEU Campina. This school serves as a hub for children from multiple villages in the surrounding area, making Bianca’s impact even more far-reaching. Her five classes reached a significant portion of the student body, equipping them with essential knowledge to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.

It was an amazing experience — I felt overwhelmed with emotion. It was super good, and the children were incredibly engaged, showcasing a wealth of knowledge. Their teacher mentioned he had never witnessed an event quite like this before, highlighting its significance for the children. Seeing those joyful little faces made me feel like I had hit the jackpot 🙂” – Bianca shared about her voluntary teaching experience.

Narcisa Szasz, another Account Manager at Acronis, extended our educational reach by conducting four classes for 1st through 4th graders at Muereasca School. Situated in a commune in Vâlcea County, Muereasca School serves eight small villages, bringing children from diverse backgrounds together under one roof. Narcisa plans to return to the school with more classes later this spring.

Each of these team members ensured that the lessons resonate with the students long after the sessions end. They achieved this by ensuring their sessions were interactive and engaging, incorporating activities such as board games, quizzes, and lively discussions. Their use of engaging videos provided by certSIGN further enriches the learning experience, making complex topics accessible and relatable to young minds.

As an organization, we couldn’t be prouder of the dedication and passion displayed by our team members. Their voluntary efforts to educate and empower the next generation in navigating the digital world safely are truly inspiring. We wholeheartedly commend all our team members involved in this noble mission. Their work is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about shaping a safer, more responsible digital future for generations to come. We wish them continued success and impact in their efforts to educate and empower young people in our community.

For those inspired to contribute to their local communities in a similar manner, Acronis Cyber Foundation Program offers its educational materials, complete with educator instructions and valuable resources, entirely free of charge. By accessing these resources, individuals can initiate similar educational projects, ensuring that the vital message of cyber security reaches as many young minds as possible. Together, let’s create a safer digital world for our future leaders.

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