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Cultivating community care in Belgrade

On May 11, a team of 16 Acronis employees and their families came together for a special project at the Center for Protection of Infants, Children, and Youth in Belgrade, Serbia. Their goal was simple: to spruce up the outdoor space and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Teaming up with our local NGO partner, Šuma Peva, our Acronis crew got down to business. Their efforts began with a thorough clean-up, tackling years’ worth of accumulated waste that had marred the center’s grounds. With admirable determination, they collected an impressive 640 kilograms of debris, breathing new life into the territory.

Who says tidying up can’t be a blast? We’ve proven them wrong!

But the team’s commitment didn’t stop there. Armed with shovels and gardening gloves, they set about planting vibrant flowers, adding splashes of color and vitality to the landscape. Through their collective efforts, they restored the physical beauty of the area and made it more enjoyable for all.

What truly sets this initiative apart is the involvement of the Acronis employees’ children. As they worked alongside their parents, these young volunteers not only contributed to the cause but also learned invaluable lessons about the importance of giving back to the community. Serving as role models for their children, the employees demonstrated the power of compassion and collective action.

Recognizing that there is still much work to be done, the team expressed their eagerness to continue their support for the Center. They pledged to return, further solidifying their commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

We express gratitude for the dedication of our volunteers and our partnership with Šuma Peva. Together, we’re proud to support the local community and do our part to keep Serbia clean and beautiful. Stay tuned for more ways we’ll be giving back in the future!

Acronis Cyber Foundation Program welcomes individuals, groups, and companies to partner with us to work side-by-side to support our local communities. Contact us to find out more!

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