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Aida’s journey: empowering communities through education and entrepreneurship

Remember Aida? She used to reside in Chibwe village in Malawi, where our team volunteered in 2022 on a school construction site. While immersed in the local community, we had the privilege of getting to know the wonderful and hospitable villagers. Among them, one individual stood out — Aida. Despite the myriad challenges faced by Malawian girls from remote rural communities on their educational journeys, Aida not only completed her school studies but also pursued higher education, eventually becoming a professional tailor.

Aida’s impact on Chibwe was monumental. She became the village’s first tailor, alleviating a significant financial burden on its residents. No longer did people have to purchase expensive ready-made clothes or endure the four-hour journey to the nearest town for new attire. Aida’s story is not just about benefiting her community; it exemplifies a remarkable woman entrepreneur and serves as a compelling example of how education can truly improve lives.

However, Aida faced a challenge — she didn’t have her own sewing machine and had to rent one. In 2023, inspired by Aida’s dedication, Acronis donated a sewing machine and fabric to the Chibwe community. It not only liberated Aida from the need to rent equipment but also allowed her to provide almost free uniforms to first-graders.

Later that year, Aida moved to another village called Chankhozi, also located in the Kasungu region of Malawi, and left the sewing machine for two new tailors in Chibwe. This year, witnessing the profound impact a simple sewing machine can have, we decided to give Aida another one to empower her to teach more young ladies how to use it and extend her positive influence to her new community.

Just within two months, she managed to sew all the uniforms from the newly-donated fabric, and now 200 more happy children will go to first grade nicely dressed.

Huge thanks to our NGO partner in Malawi, the Centre for Girls and Interaction, for implementing the initiative on the spot!

As she continues to inspire and uplift those around her, her story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of small gestures and collaborative efforts. Together, we can create lasting positive change in the lives of individuals and communities that need it most.

Acronis Cyber Foundation Program welcomes individuals, groups, and companies to partner with us to work side-by-side with underserved communities to bring them hope through education.

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