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Empowering the next generation: Acronis supports Groundbreaker Talents 

At Acronis, we believe in fostering a brighter future through education and opportunity. That’s why we are proud to support Groundbreaker Talents, a transformative program dedicated to providing full-time residential scholarships in Software Engineering for young women from financially constrained communities in Uganda. This initiative is crucial in enabling these talented individuals to unlock their full potential and embark on successful careers in the tech industry. 

Our commitment extends beyond supporting the scholarships for these young women. Last year, our R&D team members Nikolay Bekirov, Lead Software Developer from Bulgaria, Jort Rodenburg, Lead Software Developer from the US, and Gabrielle Stenzel, Support team lead from the US dedicated a total of 120 hours of their time and expertise to mentor these aspiring software engineers. Their guidance not only helped the students gain critical technical skills but also fostered a diverse and inclusive environment within the tech community. 

Nikolay Bekirov reflected on his experience, saying, “The program has been (and continues to be) an incredible experience! Having the opportunity to connect with someone at such a pivotal point in their career and life has been truly rewarding. My goal was to show her that growth is about connecting, empathizing, and understanding peers, not just learning to code.” He shared the journey of his mentee Elizabeth, who overcame numerous challenges and now works as a paid intern at a UK company. “Despite all ups and downs, she persevered and never gave up. We’ll stay friends and keep in touch, Nikolay added. 

Jort Rodenburg continues to meet with his mentee weekly, guiding her towards her goal of becoming a security engineer. “She has taken on many challenges and has truly succeeded in all of them. Her work ethic and passion for learning more about software development and cybersecurity is something I do not see in most engineers,” Jort noted. Their mentoring sessions have covered a wide range of topics, from technical discussions to cultural exchanges, enriching both their perspectives. 

Gabrielle Stenzel, who started mentoring Juliet in September last year, remarked on the inspirational nature of the program: “It shows that if you give someone something as simple as an opportunity, there is no telling how far their shine will go!” Juliet, who now has a part-time job and mentors other young women, has become a pillar in her family. Gabrielle proudly shared, “I believe we will be lifelong friends, as we bonded on a spiritual level that can never be broken.” 

By investing in these young women, Acronis is not just shaping their futures but also paving the way for a more diverse pool of tech talent. The new generation of tech innovators starts with us, and we are excited to continue supporting these promising individuals on their journey. 

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