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Empowering the youngest digital citizens: Acronis Japan’s cyber safety workshops for children and parents

We are excited to share the success of two recent cybersafety workshops hosted by Acronis in Japan. The first workshop took place on May 19, 2024, in the Shinagawa district and was a collaboration with Monopro Shinagawa. The event brought together 20 parents and children for an engaging and informative session on staying safe online.

The workshop aimed to equip families with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital world safely. Our facilitators delved into crucial topics such as secure browsing and maintaining privacy on social media, which are increasingly important in our digital age, where cyber threats are ever-present.

One of the highlights of the workshop was its interactive format. Both parents and children participated in hands-on activities and real-life scenario discussions. This approach made the session more engaging and ensured that the participants could immediately apply what they learned. For instance, children practiced identifying suspicious websites, while parents received tips on setting up effective parental controls.

Just two days later, the Acronis Japan team hosted another workshop on May 21, 2024, focused on cyber safety for children aged 3 – 12 and their parents.This innovative event brought together about 80 enthusiastic kids and 30 attentive parents, all eager to learn how to navigate the digital world securely.

The primary aim of the workshop was to equip families with essential knowledge and practical tools to stay safe online. The session covered critical aspects of developmental vulnerabilities of young children and addressed prevalent online risks, including cyberbullying, online predators, privacy issues, malware, scams, advertising, and addictive behaviors. Parents also received in-depth insights into promoting digital literacy and safeguarding their children. They learned about strategies such as ensuring children use devices suited to their developmental stage, creating clear guidelines for digital use at home, setting rules and boundaries like screen time and device-free zones, modeling responsible use, and the benefits of using parental control tools and software.

The kids had their own agenda designed to make learning fun for the little ones. Children learned vital cyber safety skills through engaging activities like a stamp rally. After completing all the activities on the list, they received tasty edible prizes. They had practical exercises on generating secure passwords, learned to differentiate what information is safe to share online, and even had an introduction to advanced security measures like two-factor authentication. These hands-on experiences not only made the learning process enjoyable but also ensured that the children could apply their new knowledge in practical ways. The workshop culminated in a special moment where each child received a certificate, proudly acknowledging their status as responsible digital citizens.

We thank our team for their enthusiasm in educating the younger ones and their parents on the common online risks and promoting effective digital literacy strategies. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, such initiatives are crucial in fostering a generation of informed, cautious, and responsible digital citizens.

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