Senegal, Soupa Serere
Soupa Serere School in Senegal
Construction period: Nov 2018 – Mar 2019


Type of facility

One building with two classrooms and two toilets





NGO partner


Academic year

October – July (for primary to post-secondary education)

Literacy rate (15+ years old)

51.9 %

Attendance rate

Primary school – 63%
Lower secondary school – 33%
Upper secondary school – 15%

Out-of-school children

Children (6 – 11 years) – 585,518
Adolescents (12 to 14 years) – 667,148
Youth (15 – 17) – 597,940

Project implementation

Senegal’s educational system faces many challenges. While the country offers free, compulsory education up to age 16, many students drop out due to poverty and a lack of resources. This is particularly true of female students, who often begin working at an early age, marry young, or become pregnant. A general inaccessibility of educational materials only worsens the situation — for instance, only 25% of the population have reliable access to the internet.

Construction on a new school in the village of Soupa Serere began in November 2018, with the help of 20 Acronis employees and the local community members. Half a year later — with help from the company’s sports partners, ROKiT Williams Racing Formula One team and Arsenal Football Club — the Acronis Cyber Foundation opened the Soupa Serere Elementary School, providing a safe learning environment to local children who previously had to walk four kilometers every day to attend a school in a nearby village.

In February 2021, the Acronis Cyber Foundation and its partner CREATE! — an Oregon-based nonprofit organization that helps rural communities in Senegal implement and take ownership of sustainable development initiatives — opened a digital classroom in Soupa Serere. This project enables computer literacy and STEM classes for children in Soupa Serere as well as the nearby villages of Toukar and Kish, helping students to build key skills for future success.

News from the project

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About the country


Republic of Senegal

Capital city



16 million people


West African CFA franc

Major languages

French; in Soupa Serere – Wolof, Serer

Travel information

Senegal has a tropical climate with pleasant heat throughout the year and well-defined dry and humid seasons. The dry season (December to April) is dominated by hot, dry wind. Dakar’s annual rainfall of about 600 mm (24 in) occurs between June and October when high temperatures average 30 °C (86 °F) and lows average 24 °C (76 °F); December to February high temperatures average 26 °C (78 °F) and lows average 18 °C (64 °F).

Travel tips

Hotel recommendations

Thies: Residence Blue
Dakar: Radisson Hotel Dakar Diamniadio, Hotel Lagon 2

Places to eat

Le Ngor, La Calebasse, Djinkoumé House, L’endroit

Best souvenirs from the country

Bold and vibrant textiles (aprons, purses, make-up bags, pillows, men’s ties), wood objects, masks and sculptures, mansala sets, woven baskets, shea butter, tuareg metal pieces (chests, letter openers, spears)


Dakar-Blaise Diagne Airport taxi, Dakar Demm Dikk, Nianing

Travel agencies


Interpreting services

Still Interpreting

Proposed one week tour

Day 1: Tour Dakar (Monument de la Renaissance Africaine, Mamelles Lighthouse, Mosque of the Divinity, Village Des Arts, Grande Mosquée de Dakar, La Galerie Antenna)

Day 2: Tour Dakar (Palais du Président, Musee de l’Ifan, House of Slaves)

Day 3: Lac Rose Lake

Day 4: School visit

Day 5: Djoudj park

Day 6: Fathala Reserve. Overnight in Fathala

Day 7: Senegambian stone circles

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