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One building with two classrooms and two toilets





$ 30,000



Can you imagine what your life would be like without access to education?

For countless children around the world, this is a reality.

That includes the children of Soupa Serere, a small village in Senegal. For years, the compassionate village community has tried to provide their children with a decent education in improvised classrooms. But under these circumstances, proper knowledge transfer is next to impossible. In total, 140 students in Soupa Serere are in need of a new school building for a safe, encouraging learning environment.

The Acronis Foundation, in partnership with BuildOn and with the help of each and every donor, is working to address this need by funding the construction of a proper school building for the children of Soupa Serere. To get a better understanding of the situation and to help lead the first steps toward construction, an international team of Acronis employees visited the village.

There, they lived with the people who want nothing more than to provide their children with the knowledge needed for a better future. Their experience in Soupa Serere was an eye-opener and shed light on the many privileges we are born with.

Building schools in rural areas is absolutely essential to provide disadvantaged children an opportunity to learn and grow and help break a cycle of insufficient education and poverty.

With your help, a real education in a real school will become a reality for the children of Soupa Serere. Donate to the Acronis Foundation and every penny of your contribution will help build a better education – and a better tomorrow – for children in Senegal and around the world.

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