School in Senegal
Construction Period: Nov 2018–Mar 2019



School building





$ 30,000



Educational Situation

Senegal’s educational system faces many challenges. While the country offers free, compulsory education up to age 16, many students drop out due to poverty and a lack of resources. This is particularly true of female students who begin working at an early age, marry young, or become pregnant.

As a result, participation depends largely on the individual family’s prosperity. And, once children drop out it’s difficult for them to return for further education (be it academic or vocational).

A general inaccessibility of educational materials only worsens the situation. (E.g. only 25 percent of the population use the internet due to poor connectivity.)

Project Implementation

Twenty Acronis employees from different countries will take part in the hands-on construction of the school in Senegal. The team will gather in November 2018 to build the school together.

Participants will support many activities, including digging, picking, sifting, mixing concrete, making bricks and tying rebar on a trek. Beyond the worksite experience, participants will enjoy a cultural exchange with host families and locals.

Latest news

New school in Senegal has the potential to change lives

Acronis Foundation has partnered with buildOn to send 20 Acronis employees on a buildOn Trek experience to build a new school in the community of Soupa Serrer in Senegal.

School Groundbreak Update, Senegal

We’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be breaking ground on the new buildOn school in Soupa Serere, Senegal! Thanks to the Acronis Foundation, the children of Soupa Serere will have access to quality education and a path out of poverty.