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Rebuilding education and dreams in Madagascar

The Acronis Cyber Foundation is excited to announce the construction of a new school for the children of Abalafeno village in Madagascar, together with our implementing partner Gems of Madagascar.

The project has broken ground in March. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, with only 1 out of 3 children completing their primary school education. Abalafeno, a small village west of Antsirabe city, has the only primary and secondary school in the entire region. Unfortunately, it was severely damaged by Cyclone Ava in 2018. The old secondary school building is damaged, and fifty students have discontinued their education. The school has an overcrowding issue now as the children have to share the remaining classrooms.

The new school will be able to accommodate the expanding secondary school population, which is not offered in this region. Once completed, the campus will cater to a total of 425 students, an increase from the current 272 students intake.

We hope education can increase the students’ ability to lead a happy life, participate in society and restore peace and stability.

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