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Our school, our stories – Caño Los Martínez school in Nicaragua, part 1

A school community is not just a building. It’s the various individuals and groups who are invested in the welfare and vitality of the school, for example, the neighborhoods and municipalities.

In August 2020, the Acronis Cyber Foundation commenced the construction of a new school for the children of Caño Los Martínez in Nicaragua. The school was made possible with the generous donations raised during the Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2019. During a recent visit to the village, the community shared many heartwarming stories which we will bring to you in a two-part series.

Carmela Gomez, Teacher and Parent

My name is Carmela, and I’ve been teaching in the Caño Los Martínez school for several years. I teach 42 students in a single classroom, ranging from 3rd to 6th grades. Our old classroom is dilapidated – the rainwater will seep through the broken zinc roof, and the ground will be muddy whenever it rained. The school is already over 15 years old, and the wooden walls are rotting.

I am not just a teacher but also a mother. I have three children, a girl and two boys. My sons are now in secondary school, but my daughter is still studying in this school.

Our village has appealed to the Mayor’s office and other charities for the past ten years, requesting for help to rebuild our school but to no avail. I am excited and happy that our dreams for a new school can be fulfilled, thanks to the generous donors and Acronis Cyber Foundation. We never expected this rebuild to happen, but I am thankful we are finally getting it!

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