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Our school, our stories – Caño Los Martínez school in Nicaragua, part 2

A school community is not just a building. It’s the various individuals and groups who are invested in the welfare and vitality of the school, for example, the neighborhoods and municipalities.

In August 2020, the Acronis Cyber Foundation commenced the construction of a new school for the children of Caño Los Martínez in Nicaragua. The school was made possible with the generous donations raised during the Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2019. During a recent visit to the village, the community shared many heartwarming stories which we will bring to you in a two-part series.

Heiling Raquel Chavarria Gutierrez, Parent

My name is Heiling, and I have a daughter who is seven years old studying in the 2nd grade. She has been attending the school for two years, but it is not comfortable. The classroom is small, and all the students are crammed next to each other. The children are growing up quickly and they need more space.

Having a school and receiving an education is important. I had completed four years of high school and have a big and beautiful dream for my daughter. All the villagers, men and women, are committed to helping rebuild this school. We had waited so long for this miracle to happen, and we will support with all our strength and energy. I want my daughter to receive her education in this new school we are building together!

I hope one day we can be a daughter. My country needs more doctors to serve communities like ours. It is especially important in this time of a global pandemic.

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