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This holiday season, make a difference with us: turn children’s wishes into reality

In celebration of Acronis’ 20th anniversary this year, we are spreading joy during the holiday season by granting the wishes of 20 underprivileged children. Join us in making a difference, as Acronis pledges to double your donation. Support a child from the provided list or nominate one in your local community whose dreams we can turn into reality. Let’s come together to make this milestone year memorable not only for Acronis but also for these young hearts filled with dreams.

Donation to Camila and Layla, Argentina

Camila (in the left picture), who battles intellectual disability and epilepsy, harbors a passion for music and arts, and dreams of having a cell phone to play her favorite songs. She has a younger sister Layla (in the right picture) who loves dinosaurs and unusual creatures. Their father died, and their mother is unable to work due to Camila’s need for full-time attention—making the prospect of a cell phone and Layla’s desired toy seem like distant dreams. Donate is USD or donate in EUR.

Donation of toys and sweets to an orphanage in Roman, Bulgaria

The gifts are meant for several children, including ones with disabilities, living in an orphanage in Roman, Bulgaria. The kids’ wishes are very simple: books, board games, teddy bears, dolls; elder kids dream about things like parfume or simple smart watches. Donate is USD or donate in EUR.

Support of children with cancer, Germany

We suggest to support children with cancer and their families at Initiative Krebskranke Kinder Munchen e.V.

Donation of toys to Shoham Catalina, Shalev, Adaya Rachel, Oria Vivianne, Israel

This family with four kids recently lost their house in the armed conflict and is now residing in a temporary home. We want this holiday season to be a bit nicer for them and to bring a bit of magic into their lives. Shoham Catalina is dreaming about a surfboard, Shalev is a fan of English football and fishing, Adaya Rachel, and Oria Vivianne would love to have a dollhouse and Barbie dolls. Donate is USD or donate in EUR.

Donation of toys and winter clothes to Andrea, Romania

Andrea is a 10-year-old girl who was abandoned by her parents. She was raised by her elder sister, who sadly passed away from cancer last year. Now, Andrea is under the care of her elder brother. She faces challenges with her legs and poor eyesight, as she was born with a disability. Every day, she walks to school and strives to keep up with the other children in class, despite her health and financial difficulties. She currently resides in a dorm room with four other individuals. Let’s consider donating a warm winter jacket, boots, and some toys to her. Donate is USD or donate in EUR.

Donation of toys to the Center of Infants, Children and Youth Protection, in Belgrade, Serbia

We will donate toys which can be enjoyed by all children in an orphanage in Belgrade as well as some besic life essential things for the childcare. Donate is USD or donate in EUR.

Toy drive for the Boston Children’s Hospital, USA

Support children and families at Boston Children’s Hospital, allowing parents and caregivers to focus on what matters most: helping their child heal. You will help purchase meaningful items for patients and fill urgent needs for patient families and the hospital—during the holidays and beyond. Your donation will help ensure the holidays are celebrated to the fullest at the hospital, with gifts for each patient, virtual Santa visits, and other special moments and urgent needs throughout the season. Donate to Boston Children’s Hospital.

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