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Educational resilience: navigating the aftermath of southern Turkey’s earthquakes

The catastrophic earthquakes that struck the southern part of Turkey on February 6, 2023, with magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.6, left behind a trail of devastation. The impact was particularly profound in eleven provinces, home to approximately 11 million people. With over 50,000 lives lost, thousands injured, and countless displaced, the disaster not only shattered homes and infrastructure but also disrupted fundamental systems, including education.

In the aftermath of the earthquakes, the right to education for every child was severely affected. Damaged buildings, security concerns, and the ensuing chaos led to the temporary closure of schools. Educational materials, vital for the learning process, were either lost or damaged, exacerbating the challenges faced by students and educators alike. The trauma caused by the disaster further hindered the learning motivation and concentration of those trying to rebuild their lives. In the face of this crisis, Acronis rallied its partners to support the educational situation in Turkey. Their collective efforts resulted in the raising of almost $10,000 USD, a testament to the power of collaboration in times of need.

In Kahramanmaraş, the epicenter of the earthquake, the education of 327 thousand students was severely interrupted. Nineteen out of the 1018 schools that were active before the earthquake were destroyed, leaving a significant void in the educational landscape. The local organization İmece stepped up to bridge this gap, recognizing the importance of education in the recovery process. In response to the pressing need for educational materials, İmece initiated the Education Support project. In the first week of October 2023, they purchased and delivered stationery and educational materials to schools in Kahramanmaraş, a crucial step towards rebuilding the educational infrastructure.

İmece identified and met the material needs of eight schools in four different districts, contributing to the rebuilding process. A total of 1023 students across various education levels received the much-needed stationery and other educational materials that their families struggled to afford. Additionally, approximately 50 teachers benefited from the provided educational materials, empowering them to guide students through the post-traumatic period.

We want to express heartfelt thanks to all the donors: Acronis team and partners who generously contributed so that more than 1000 children in Turkey have an opportunity to study properly. Your support has made a tangible difference in the lives of those affected, providing a glimmer of hope in the process of rebuilding.

Acronis Cyber Foundation Program welcomes individuals, groups, and companies to partner with us to work side-by-side with communities to bring them hope through education.

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