Institución Educativa Virgen de las Gracias School in Peru
Construction period: Aug 2018–Jan 2019



Primary School Building

Three classrooms and one meeting room; completion of five classrooms completion of sanitary facilities improvement schoolyard





€ 45.523


Associazione Don Bosco 3a

Educational Situation

Compared to other Latin American countries, education in Peru falls short. At the same time, families frequently do not send all their children to school because of the expenses such as matriculation fees, school uniforms, and required materials. There are several other problems which have to be addressed:

  •  High percentage of early school dropouts, especially among females who become pregnant while in school.
  •  Child labor.
  •  High school fees, low education quality: school fees in private schools are unreasonably high and unaffordable for most Peruvians. Most of the children in Nuevo Chimbote consequently attend overcrowded public schools.
  •  Low learning outcomes: In 2015, 27 percent of all primary school children in Santa Province did not possess basic math skills and only 50 percent achieved satisfactory reading competences.

Project Implementation

The desire to set up a free, high quality educational institution emerged to give children from extremely poor backgrounds access to education.

This is how the Institución Educativa Virgen de las Gracias was founded, and later recognized by the Ministry of Education. There are currently about 90 primary school children in the first and second grades who get free education, learning material, uniforms and lunch. These children are chosen among the neediest and would not attend school without the parish community’s help. To foster community support and involvement, the local population will participate in the construction process.

About 130 children will benefit from the project (children who are already enrolled and those who will get the chance to attend this school after the building’s successful extension).


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