Peru, Nuevo Chimbote
Institución Educativa Virgen de las Gracias in Peru
Construction period: Aug 2018 – Jun 2019


Type of facility

Three classrooms and one meeting room; completion of five classrooms and sanitary facilities; improvement of schoolyard





NGO partner

Associazione Don Bosco 3A


Academic year

April to December

Literacy rate (15+ years old)

94.41 %

Attendance rate

Primary school – 99.32%
Lower secondary school – 98.13%
Upper secondary school – 87.97%

Project implementation

Nuevo Chimbote faces challenging economic circumstances, with many people lacking homes and resorting to makeshift shelters on the outskirts of the town. These conditions hinder children’s education as they lack stable electricity, running water, and modern conveniences.

To address this, the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program opened the Virgen de las Gracias School in 2019. The school provides free education, learning materials, uniforms, and meals to 75 children from the community, including disadvantaged Venezuelan families who migrated to Peru due to the crisis in their home country.

The school aims to create a safe and inspiring environment for children to study, develop skills, and interact with others. It offers extended hours, allowing children to participate in regular classes, after-school activities, and summer programs.

In 2021, the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, in partnership with Climb Channel Solutions, constructed a computer classroom. This addition enables computer literacy and STEM classes, empowering students in the region.

In 2023, the school has beed expanded further. Additional classrooms, a library, a gym, a sports court, and a roofed central courtyard were built. This expansion allowed accommodate 25 more students and increased the capacity of Sunday activities from 230 to 300 children.



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About the country


Republic of Peru

Capital city



33 million people


Sol (PEN)

Major languages

Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, other indigenous languages

Travel information

The coastal region has moderate temperatures, low precipitation, and high humidity, except for its warmer, wetter northern reaches.

The rainy season (summer) runs from December to March, and the dry season (winter) runs from May to September. In the central coastal area, where the school is located, the average temperature ranges from 17 °C to 23 °C (63 to 73 °F).

Travel tips

Hotel recommendations

Lima: InkaHuset Lima Airport, Holiday Inn – Lima Airport

Nuevo Chimbote: Maresta

Huacachina: Hotel El Huacachinero

Cusco: Llipimpac Guesthouse, Taypikala Hotel Cusco, Casa Andina Premium Cusco, Palacio del Inka

Titicaca: Uros Titicaca Lodge

Places to eat

Nuevo Chimbote: restaurant of the Maresta Hotel, La Sazón De Paola, Portón Gaucho

Huacachina: La Rotiseria

Cusco: La Bodega 138

Best souvenirs from the country

Alpaca clothing, textiles, Chullo hat, backpack from traditional textiles, paintings, musical instruments, Retablos altar pieces, carved gourds, Pisco, coca candies, pink salt, friendship bracelets, Inca crosses, Pucara bulls, Ekeko (smoking god of prosperity), Andean dolls, Alpaca dolls, finger puppets, passport stamp from Titicaca lake.


Rome2Rio service

Lima: Taxi Green

Nuevo Chimbote: Cruz Del Sur

Juliaca: Radio Taxi San Roman

Travel agencies

Five Continents Travel SAC

Interpreting services

CMV Interpretation and Translation Services 

Proposed one week tour

Day 1: Arrival in Lima. City tour

Day 2: Chan Chan. Transfer to Nuevo Chimbote

Day 3: School visit

Day 4: Transfer to Huacachina. Tour of the lagoon

Day 5: Transfer from Huacachina to Pisco. Flight from Pisco to Cusco. City tour

Day 6: Machu Picchu

Day 7: Flight from Cusco to Juliaca. Transfer to Uros Floating Islands at Titicaca Lake

Read what community says about the project

During the pandemic, the education of our children was forced to rely on technological tools. Thanks to the contribution of computers and photocopiers, we were able to conduct classes virtually, while also allowing the printing of modules that served as teaching materials in lieu of traditional books. Currently, we continue to use these tools in the administrative aspects of the school, including making copies, handling books, managing documents, and more. Additionally, they play a crucial role in researching children’s work, thereby facilitating their activities.
Haydee Maricela Caiguaraico Nunja
School administration
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